Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects of business. The Agilis Document Management Solution (DMS) will improve how you process this information. Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, and other files directly into Agilis DMS. Eliminate wasted time searching for paper and replacing lost documents. Access your information the moment you need it, wherever you need it—and manage it all from the convenience of a Web browser.

Agilis DMS is a simple Web 2.0 interface to capture, manage, route, store and deliver documents and records.


General Features:

  • Document Capture
    • Scanning, OCR, Indexing, Barcode, Imaging
    • Upload File
    • Create File online
  • Document Lifecycle
    • New File, Check-in, Check-out, Publish
    • Archive, Back-up
    • Version control
  • Access control
    • Read, Write, Update, Full-control
    • User, Group, Role and Meta-data based access
    • Repository, Folder and Document Level access control
  • Meta-data Management
    • Meta-data Form builder, Any type of data-type
    • Link meta-data to external Databases and applications
  • Workflow
    • Approval workflow process builder with business rules
    • Tracking, alerts and escalations
  • Indexing
    • Manual Indexing using Meta-data fields
    • Automatic document content indexing
    • Automatic indexing using OCR fields
  • Search
    • Free-text search in document content
    • Meta-data search
  • Automatic Audit logs & Subscription
  • Record Management support
  • In-built Content Management features
  • Customizable Reports
  • Document viewer
    • Multi-format viewer
    • Annotation capabilities
    • Document comparison
  • Digital Rights Management
    • Permit/Disable Print, Save, Cut-Copy-Paste
    • Password protect, Watermark, Header/Footer, Banner
    • Set view expiry date

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