A seasoned professional with 13 years of experience and professional specializations in Management, Information Technology and Mass Communications.

An MBA with Distinction from a leading international university. Member & Associate of the prestigious CIW charter. Certified in Oracle technology products & Ecommerce strategies.

As COO (Americas)
Shefali is spearheading our foray into the Americas.

As Head of Banking & Financial Software Solutions
At Agile FT, she spearheads the vertical of Banking & Financial software such as Investment Management, Bancassurance, Treasury, Lending, etc. Looks at North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.

As Chief Marketing Officer
Wears an additional hat of CMO and looks at global marketing with professional qualifications in Mass Communications. Is also the Chief Editor of Agile Financial Times.

As Shefali
Has interests in Journalism, Fine arts, Classical music, Literature and Theatre.