Agilis Workflow / Business Process Management (BPM) enables organizations to create, execute, and optimize business processes, powering the management of processes through their entire lifecycle; shortening process lifecycles and automatically managing process exceptions so you can quickly adapt to changing market needs or fine tune processes to optimize your competitive advantage. It is a feature-rich workflow / BPM solution and excels in complex human-centric, form and document based process management. Agilis Workflow / BPM provide a simple yet dynamic application to automate your business processes.

  • Single interface to design and deploy
  • Single model to save all process information
  • Single paramaterized workflow engine to execute

Agilis Workflow Management

General Features:
Process Designer

Process modeling is an important requirement of Business Process Management. Agilis workflow / BPM include a powerful and easy to use graphical Process Designer that makes it easy for developers and business analysts to collaborate on design of business processes.

  • Visually model, create, update and maintain electronic workflow processes
  • Built-in Business Rule Engine
  • Assign task by users, groups and roles
  • Support for queues
  • Dynamic task allocation based on user preference
  • Powerful scripting support
  • Support for Alerts, Reminders and Escalation
  • Integrated with your email system for notifications

Agilis Workflow Management

eForm Builder
The Agilis Forms Designer allows business users to design rich web forms for users to interact within process actions. The Agilis Form Designer uses a unique web-based and extensible design environment that allows business users to create rich user forms with little to no IT involvement.

Monitoring Portal
End users interact with the workflow system through the portal, which is fully customized depending on the user rights and preferences. The user can easily:

  • Initiate a new request and monitor on-going requests
  • Perform an action that has been assigned to him and forward the eForm.
  • Delegate his actions to a colleague
  • View reports, metrics and statistics related to processes
  • Get access to content/documents related to the process

Agilis workflow / BPM Server offers compelling reporting and dashboard capability. This allows wizard driven design of charts and reports to enable real-time view of business metrics in a self-updating dashboard as well as user designed reports.

Agilis Workflow Management

Alerts and Notifications
Users participating in a workflow get real time notification during the course of the process. They receive fully customized emails advising them of: actions assigned to them, actions they are requested to assign, requests that have been closed, actions overdue or cancelled. Managers can receive emails at the completion of a certain milestone even if they are not participating in the process.

The Agilis workflow / BPM system can be seamlessly integrated into an existing IT infrastructure. 

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